Jay Z is One of the Richest celebrities

Shawn Carter, better known as Jay- Z, is a hip hop mogul, producer, designer, song writer, and business man. He is one of the richest celebrities  in the world, with a current net worth of $810 million. Together with Damon Dash. Jay Z formed the extremely successful Roc-A-Fella records label. He is owner of the NBA team the New Jersey Nets, and Jay Z also owns a streaming music service known as Tidal. He’s sold more than 60 million albums during his long and successful career, and now is married to Beyoncé with a daughter named Blue Ivy.

Shawn Carter was born in Brooklyn, New York, and is one of four children raised by a single mother in the Marcy Projects. Jay Z’s mother says that she knew her son was ‘special’ even from a young age. It appears that mom knew what she was talking about.

Jay Z is expected to have a net worth of more than $1 billion during his career because of his many business deals and phenomenal leadership skills. He sold his clothing line in 2007 for a cool $204 million, and each of his released albums has went platinum. He serves as endorsements for Hewlett Packard, Budweiser, Chevy, and Armadale, and is part owner of the 40/40 night clubs. He also has ownership in Def Jam Records.

Jay Z released his first album Reasonable Doubt in 1988, and made his first TV appearance on You! MTV Raps in the same year. He went on to release several more successful records, and is one of the most successful rappers in history. He’s won 21 Grammy’s, among numerous other awards and has several albums listed in the ‘Best of All Time’ category.

Not only does Jay Z have an amazing lyrical flow, he is known for his outstanding ability to create hit songs in his head, on spot, without the need to write a single lyric down. In fact, Jay Z says that most of his songs are written in such manner.

Although it isn’t often that you will see Jay Z in a movie, he has been known to highlight his acting abilities now and again. He’s made appearances in several movies, including Streets is Watching, Fade to Black, Back Stage, and State Property. He is also linked to many other celebrities in the industry. Being able to work with Jay Z is a dream come true for many. The rapper attended high school with the Notorious B.I.G., who also went on to become a great rapper before his early demise in 1998.

Jay Z has been extremely successful in his ventures, and is always thinking money first. He is an amazing family man, and loves helping organizations. He has donated more than one million dollars to the American Red Cross to aid Hurricane Katrina victims, and that’s just one of the many contributions he has made.

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There’s many reasons why Rolling Stone named Jay Z the ‘King of America.’ And, there’s just as much reason why he’s one of the richest rappers, and celebrities in the world.